DA: African Group backs Phil Murphy's Re-election as New Jersey Governor


Diaspora Africans, (DA), an African group in the USA has endorsed the re-election of Phil Murphy as New Jersey's governor ahead of the November, 2nd Gubernatorial poll.

The group commended his rapt all-inclusive economy recovery measures and robust frontline
efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic. They also insisted that his re-election will further aid to tackle issues of injustices and enable New Jerseyans to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

Speaking during a press conference held in the state over the weekend, the group president, Chief Charles Ugo Eke, stated that “in the history of governance in the United States, Phil Murphy has done tremendously well in the sub-region hence the need to re-elect the party in 2021 polls.”

According to him, "our decision was garnered through consultation with all the stakeholders in every sector of the sub-region; influenced by brain cracking, argument, and counter-argument as well as carefully researched efforts which form the basis that the Murphy-led administration is re-elected.

"Let's not forget quickly, during the formative outrage of Covid-19, he launched the largest statewide vaccination program in the state’s history grounded in efforts to ensure equitable access to all who live, work, and are being educated in New Jersey", he added.

In an area of concern, the Treasurer and secretary of the group, Dr Amanda Ota lauded Murphy's embracive gesture, signing a law that allows undocumented immigrants, including Africans, to obtain professional licenses in the country.

The signature aspect of Murphy’s time as governor has been how he has developed and passed a multi-billion-dollar economic recovery package that brings accountability and labor protections to New Jersey’s incentives programs and also arranging a targeted suite of programs to lift its economy.

Adding his voice, Mr. Akeju, widely celebrated Music executive who recently joined the group, highlighted some of Murphy's impact on security across the state.

"Security is a major concern and an area where Murphy has gained pass marks", says Akeju.

"He enacted a package of common-sense gun safety bills that make New Jersey among the states with the strongest gun laws in the nation, created the States for Gun Safety Coalition, and started the Center for Gun Violence Research.

"He also deployed hundreds of millions in federal stimulus funds to school districts and institutions of higher education across the state to ensure robust remote learning, including closing the digital divide for an estimated 231,000 Pre K-12 students; supporting safe reopening of schools and institutions of higher education; and helping our students recover academically, socially, and emotionally from the pandemic.

"I strongly feel he deserves another chance and as a group we will continue showing him our honest solidarity even after the electoral process".

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